Terms of Service

  1. Applicability
    1. These terms and conditions serve as a confirmed agreement between the subscriber (hereafter called “customer” or ”user”) and Rimfaxe.net (Hovkluster AB, org. nr.: 559296-1360, hereafter called “we”, “us” or “our”) concerning the service or services which we provide in accordance with these terms.
    2. By registering an account, placing an order or using a guest account the customer is bound to the terms in this document, including the privacy policy.
    3. These terms are valid from 2023-04-11 and are applicable to our websites and services.
    4. We reserve ourselves the right to at any time change these terms and conditions. The new terms are then applicable as soon as they are published on our website.
  1. General terms
    1. Users must be at least 18 years old or of legal age in the user’s country to place an order (unless the user has parental approval or similar).
    2. All prices are including VAT (moms) unless otherwise noted.
    3. We reserve ourselves the right to edit and delete data that belongs to the customer, as well as ban, kick or shut down accounts that violate these terms and conditions. We are not responsible for lost data, information, money, images, messages, contacts or similar as a result of using our services. The customer shall backup and safe-keep all their important data. By accepting these terms the customer agrees to not hold us liable for damages, loss of data, loss of income or similar.
  1. Payments & Verification
    1. Subscriptions through Stripe are billed once a month or once a year and are billed automatically. The customer’s credit card is automatically charged at the renewal date.
    2. A subscription is considered active from the moment of order and one month forward in time.
    3. Once an order has been processed the customer will be sent one or more activation codes. Activation codes are valid for one (1) month.
    4. All new accounts must be verified within 48 hours after purchase. The customer shall, from their Matrix account, send us their email address to the Matrix user @root:rimfaxe.net for their account to be verified. The email address must be the same as the one linked to the active subscription (if on a paid plan).
  1. Cancellation
    1. The customer has the right to at any time cancel their active subscription. When cancelled, past payments by the customer will not be refunded, even if time is left on the subscription.
    2. The customer may cancel the subscription by doing so manually at the payment gateway (https://billing.stripe.com/p/login/3cseXCepigCM1NK288), or by sending us an email from the same email address that owns the subscription, and thereafter confirming the cancellation by answering the email that we send out at the customer’s request.
    3. Upon cancellation of the subscription all customer data related to the service is permanently deleted (except for data we are required to save by law or data that is needed for the service to function).
    4. Reactivation of cancelled subscriptions may be done if the customer data related to the cancelled subscription has not yet been deleted. By reactivating the cancelled subscription (if data still exist) we may charge the customer a fee depending on the amount of work to be done.
    5. We may change or discontinue any of our services at any time. If we do so we will try to provide at least a 30 day notice to our customers, and offer backup files of the customer’s data if they choose to migrate to another host.
  1. Price changes
    1. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without previous notice. Customers with an active subscription will receive at least a 30 day notice of any price changes. The customer may choose to not extend their subscription in the event of a price change.
  1. Free accounts
    1. Free accounts are restricted to individuals and not-for-profit entities. Companies and general for-profit organizations are required to subscribe to a payed plan.
    2. Free accounts have access to limited storage and data use. Using a free account to upload high amounts of data, or using the account in a way that affects the server performance negatively (including joining very large rooms over federation [~10k members and above]), may result in data erasure and/or account suspension. The user will be warned at least once before suspension occurs.
    3. Free accounts are limited to 50 MB of storage.
    4. Free accounts are limited to the features listed at the ”Bli medlem” page, including the terms and conditions in this document.
  1. Support and maintenance
    1. Unless agreed otherwise, the customer shall be noticed at least 24 hours prior to any planned maintenance, which is done trough our website and/or social media. This does not include unplanned crashes, emergency updates, unexpected downtime, loss of data or similar, no matter the reason.
    2. We reserve ourselves the right to change our support times at any time.
  1. Backups
    1. We backup all customer data daily and store backups for at least the last seven days.
  1. Waiver of liability
    1. We take no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that a customer, directly or indirectly, is affected by by using our services or subscriptions. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of data, server crashes, non-working backup systems, downtime (no matter the reason), hacked servers or advice given that resulted in a loss of data. The customer agrees to hold us entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility.
  1. Customer responsibility
    1. The customer’s responsibility to us includes that the customer agrees to;
      – not break Swedish or international law.
      – update their contact and payment information.
      – pay their subscription fees.
      – only use the service that the customer has an active subscription for.
      – not give unauthorized users access to the customer’s account.
      – not try to or have unauthorized access to other users’ account, services or data.
      – not try to gain or have unauthorized access to our services, websites, homeservers or similar.
      – not scan, test or probe our systems or services or in other ways disturb our services.
      – not use our services or systems in a way which negatively affects our services or websites, including using bots, uploading a large amount of files or similar.
      – not use our services to send, publish or distribute malware, such as worms, viruses, trojans or similar with the intention to hurt other services, users, devices or similar.
    2. We reserve ourselves the right to cancel the customer’s subscription without any previous notice and without any chance of refunds if the customer does not follow the terms and conditions listed in this document.
  1. Data Protection & Privacy
    1. We take customer privacy seriously. Please read our privacy policy to understand how we handle and protect customer data.
  1. Force majeure
    1. During unforeseen events such as war, epidemics, natural disasters, government order of law, national or regional emergencies, strikes, labour stoppages, non-working services from subcontractors or similar that are outside of our control, no party shall be liable for not fulfilling this agreement, either in parts or in whole.
  1. Matrix
    1. Installing bots and bridges or heavily configuring dedicated homeserver may come with an additional fee depending on the time spent on performing the task(s).
    2. Users on paid plans have access to a certain ”unlimited” amount of data storage. However this amount is restricted by the available disk space at the moment. An abnormal data or storage usage is not allowed and may result in actions such as data erasure or account suspension. The customer will be warned at least once before such actions occur.
    3. Media retention policy: Remote media (media from other homeservers) is stored for 14 days. Local media is stored for 90 days. These time limits are counted from the last access date, i.e. if a media hasn’t been accessed (viewed or downloaded) in the certain amount of days it will be deleted. If a media has never been accessed the time limit is counted from the upload date.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at rimfaxe@rimfaxe.net.

2023-04-11: Removed section 11.2, DPA
2023-03-24: Clarified section 6.2. regarding free account limitations. Re-wrote section 6.4.